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Onward Full Movie Review

Film :Onward Full Movie Review

Actor: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, Wilmer Valderrama ,Juliaa Louis

Drictor: Dan Scanlon

Onward Full Movie is another magical action and adventure-filled animated movie from Disney, which is released in Indian theaters on 6 March. Every year Disney and Pixar bring such animated movies that make a person laugh at a young person, from young children, and leave a special memory on their hearts and minds. There is a similar Onward, which you will always remember. Dan Scanlon has directed Onward and composed the story with Jason Headley and Jason Headley, Keith Bunin. The film Onward Full Movie Review is said to be one of Disney’s best-loved films such as Zootopia 2016, Coco 2017, Wall-e 2007, and Toy Story Franchise.

Onward Full Movie Review

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The story of the film Onward Full Movie Review is about two brothers, Barley Lightfoot (English Voice Chris Pratt) and Ian Lightfoot (English Voice Tom Holland) who live with their mother and their father died before Ian was born. Ian misses his father a lot on his 16th birthday, due to which his elder brother Barley tells some memories of childhood spent with his father, seeing this, his mother gives the two brothers one thing that their father gave them Left for both of them. A magic wand that can revive a dead human for 1 day.


Ian and Barley decide that they will bring their father back to life for 1 day. But when they are using that magic wand, they make a mistake. Due to which half of his father’s body is revived, that too with only feet. Now Ian and Barley need one thing, so that the rest of the body can survive. They have only 24 hours to do this thing.

Onward Review in Hindi: You will enjoy watching the story of Onward more than you would like to hear. Onward has a lot of comedy scenes that will make you laugh and turn your bad day into a good day. The animations have been designed very well to make the film Onward Full Movie Review great.

Onward Full Movie Review

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And like every Disney Disney movie, this film also has more than one adventure scene that does not get bored at all. The film’s Onward Full Movie Review character voice and background music is also amazing. Now I would just like to tell you, you must see Onward. Hope you have liked Onward Review Hindi.


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