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Ragini MMS Returns 2

Web Series Name: Ragini MMS Returns 2

Release Date: December 18, 2019

Artists: Varun Sood, Sunny Leone, Divya Aggarwal, Adya Gupta, Sneha Namanandi, Navneet Kaur, Rishika Nag, Aarti Khetarpal, Thia D’Souza

Creator: Alt Bala Ji

Ragini MMS Returns 2 Review

Ragini MMS Returns 2 there are two types of haunting films made in Hindi cinema. One that few good directors have made with big actors. In which Manoj Kumar was who she was, looking for Aamir Khan, Gumanam, Jani Dushman, Golmaal Again, Bhootnath, Bhoot is also one of them. There is an emotion in these films. The beholder also connects with the ghost somewhere.

In Hindi cinema, more films have been made about ghosts. Films whose ghosts are used instead of haunting. The films where the story is trying to grab the attention of the audience through some hot scenes. This formula proved to be so effective that it became a new category in Hindi films. Which was named B grade and C grade?

Both types of films have their own Indians. No one can be held right or wrong. Whosoever pleases the mind, he should see it. Ragini MMS2 is a similar ghost series on Alt Balaji and ZEE5. After seeing which category you keep it in you, it is up to you.

Ragini MMS Returns 2

If you want to see something new in the story see Ragini MMS Returns 2. Something that is being seen nowadays in series and films around the world. If you have never thought of anything, you will be disappointed.

Because the story is not new at all. There is an old villa in Mumbai. The back story of which is that an Englishman used to shoot his photos by killing his wives. One day Sunny Leone comes to find ghosts in this bungalow and is killed. That is, Sunny Leone will be able to entertain you in the series for just a few minutes.

Ragini MMS Returns 2

In the story, 11 years after Sunny Leone, a girl chooses this villa to give a bachelor party to her many friends. After coming to this villa, something strange happens to these girls. These girls are timid but do not leave the villa like the rest of the ghostly films.

One day, a girl named Ragini MMS Returns 2, playing Truth and Dare, summons Villa, the ghost of the villa, to Victoria. After this, the ghost of Lady Victoria starts bothering everyone. However, the audience does not have to be afraid, because the ghost is interested in having more sex than killing someone. Instead of scary scenes, you will see big and long sex scenes. In the end, the ghost will be sent back with great ease.


Ragini is the first to talk about songs in MMS 2. ‘Hello Ji’ This song has been shot on Sunny Leone. According to today’s music, the song is correct, but what after the song? An episode of this Ragini MMS Returns 2 can also be watched by a serious person if he does not wish to see some hot scenes.

Ragini MMS Returns 2

What was the director’s job? A similar villa was in Alt Bala Ji’s series Buu. Similar paintings were also used in it. The same old chokidar, the old lady, the locked room scene, the same repeated scene would be something new.

Was any writer needed to write it? If she did, did she have any imagination, didn’t she feel that her characters were not sitting on the screen. Rather, they are doing all that is not done in the air. The language that all the characters are using shows what is going on in their minds. He is also imparting knowledge of feminism.

As far as the acting in this Ragini MMS Returns 2 is concerned. All the characters of this series will also know themselves, what they have done in the name of acting.

Ragini MMS Returns 2

Why should anyone watch?
Ooty’s romantic part of the film Raaz who liked it. They can see this series because you will see many times more than that.

People who go ahead and watch movies to watch certain scenes. Those people can watch this series non-stop.

Watch the Official Trailer of Ragini MMS Returns Season 2

Note: Please stay away from the Ragini MMS Returns 2 under 18 years of age.

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Ragini MMS Returns 2 Review | Ragini MMS Returns 2 Full Movie
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