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rangbaaz phir se

Movie Name: Rangbaaz Phir Se

Rangbaaz Phir Se Cast: Jimmy Shergil. Sharad Kelkar, Mahima Makwana, Gul Panag, Mohd Zeeshan Ahmad, Sushant Singh, Harsh Chhaya

Director: Sachin Pathak

Rangbaaz Phir Se It was the night of 24 June 2017. The ERT commandos and SOG teams led by SOG SSP Karan Sharma and a few officers from the Churu police and Haryana police reached a field house near Malasar. Inside the house, ran away from the arrest of the police, Anandpal, a gangster of 5 Lakhs pending in 24 cases of murder and kidnapping. Commands and police started moving slowly, the sound of gunfire was heard and after about an hour the news spread like fire across Rajasthan. Anandpal Singh, the Robinhood of Rajputs, was killed in a police encounter.

rangbaaz phir se

Who was Anandpal Singh? How did that ordinary little boy of a small village become so big that after his death, more than two lakh people came on the streets of Rajasthan? He was cremated weeks after he died. The controversy over his death rocked the government. Rangbaaz again on Zee5 has shown the story of Anandpal’s college to last night.

The Rangbaaz Phir Se is narrated to the audience by Sanjay Singh Meena SP Rajasthan (Zeeshan Ayub) on a dramatic scale. Amarpal Singh (Jimmy Shergill), a reading boy from his own college, takes the IAS exam. Before the result comes but due to the clamor of the Panchayati election, he is rescued from the police.

rangbaaz phir se

Amarpal gets his friend Jairam Godara (Sushant Singh) out. Amarpal Singh wakes up as soon as he comes out. He gradually increases his business by making a dent in the liquor business of his enemy Raja Singh Phogat (Sharad Kelkar).

The battle for supremacy begins from here. Amarpal Singh is slowly cleansing his enemies. This mutual enmity gradually takes the form of casteism. Rajput leader Madan Singh is preparing to bring Amarpal into politics. Is looking for ways to make him the leader of Rajputs. Madan Singh and Jairam Godara fight. Jayaram kills Madan Singh and Amarpal kills his closest friend Jairam Godara. After Jayaram, Amar Pal’s closest friend Balaram Rathi (Amit Sial) is also killed.

In Rangbaaz Phir Se Amarpal Singh is in jail but gets a well-written fast-paced Lahiri Anupriya (Gul Panag) to handle the work. Which takes Amar Pal’s liquor business even further than that. Amarpal Singh runs away from jail. He helps in coming out and forming the government of Rajasthan because the government will help him but the opposite happens. The government starts planning to kill him, there is a blockade all around. Amarpal gives an application for surrender at the behest of his daughter. But the police kill him instead of arresting him. In this way, the chapter of Amar Pal ends.

rangbaaz phir se

In the real story of Anandpal and the story of the Rangbaaz Phir Se, writer Sidharth Mishra has taken some liberty. By doing so, they have further improved the story cinematically. Dramatic points are very well crafted, in which they have carved out social fabric, diplomacy, regionalism, friendship, deception, and sentiments. Although the dialogues sometimes seem Rajasthani, sometimes they do not.

There is a lack of production value in some scenes while watching the series. But despite this, the director has retained his hold on the story quite well. However, some scenes appear to be dragging and some become very filmy. While everyone knows that the man whose real-life the series is on, there was not so much drama in his life.

rangbaaz phir se

There is a saying in the film world. Only a good actor can choose a good character. Jairam Godhara’s character in this series was heavier than Amarpal’s character. He is a character who is remembered. In the story of Rangbaaz Phir Se, it seems to be lacking from place to place. Sushant has played this character at a level that is highly appreciated. He looks at Jat with everything. Even from seeing and with intelligence.

Before this, Rangbaaz Phir Se Jimmy Shergill has done such a domineering character in many films like Saheb Biwi and Gangster, Tanu Weds Manu, Famous, Family of Thakurganj, Fagli, Mukkabaaz, and Shorgul. He has also been liked in many of these films. In this series, he has done well acting but like other audiences, he has seen the audience.

rangbaaz screenshot

Apart from this, Amit Sial has a small character but he has played his character well. Apart from this, we have to praise Gul Panag, because before this she was not able to do anything special with her character in the large-scale Family Man series. But the kind of performance he has done in this series, at which level he has played a sharp flamboyant character by speaking very little dialogue, is praiseworthy.

Telling the story of Rajasthan, it shows. The location but cannot be detected.

Why should anyone watch?
A man who shook the government of Rajasthan. At the death of which more than two people took to the streets. Interested to know about that man’s life.

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Rangbaaz Phir Se
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