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Saaho Full Movie Review

Film :Saaho Full Movie Review

Actor: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Chunky Panday, Arun Vijay, Jacki shroff,

Dirctor: Sujeeth

A film that was very hype. Action thriller film. Big Budget Film. Bahubali Prabhas film. Did the expectations meet?In short,  is perhaps the most disappointing film of this year. Our partner Saurabh had once said one thing. Nowadays where people make films, they only make trailers. This fits perfectly in the case of ‘Saaho Full Movie Review‘.

Actually, you keep asking these questions to yourself throughout the film Saaho. No head and legs are caught. Kissa-e-mukhtasar is a thief, an under-cover agent of the police, two-three mafia don and a clamor for a black box. It is difficult to predict who is on whose side. An attempt has been made to make the matter interesting by applying a twist in between, but if it does not happen, then it does not happen. Overall, you do not understand that this is a revenge drama, a high profile theft plot or a smart game of thief-police.

The story Saaho Full Movie Review is very confusing and wildly scattered. But even poor writing is sometimes managed by the good performance of actors. It does not happen here either. Everyone, including Prabhas, is well-off. Prabhas’s entry scene is good.

They raise sky high hopes. But after that the scattered film also spoils them. Shraddha is lost in the entire film Saaho Full Movie Review. His opening scene is also good. A Confident Police Officer performing Murder Investigation. Who later does not know what happens. Throughout the film, she either becomes an owl or appears on the hero’s mercy.

Saaho Full Movie Review

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It would also have been played if the film had not called itself India’s biggest action thriller. How will Bhaiya, a serious lack of logic in a good thriller film? There is a big twist in the film Saaho Full Movie  before Interval. He is a bit good in terms of shock but does not seem logical. There was no extension of that. If you rotate the film you have seen so far, then questions arise.

Prabhas’s Introductory Scene. Single twist. A little action. Just. The action before the climax is of top quality but it is not a long game. The car chase whose scene was very hype does not produce thrills at all.

Actually, you keep asking these questions to yourself throughout the film Saaho.

It seems that the director had to make something stylish, which is not even made. The film  from above is awfully long. It seems nothing has worked on the editing table. Otherwise, they would have cut a few songs. Those who are absurd, come to such strange places suddenly that your mind wants to get up and run away. There is also a Bengali in the Department of Dialogues. There is a concern in Hindi, I have lost all hard work. In the film, a police officer says, ‘All the hard work in the water turns you’. And with this the buffalo of the film goes into the water.

Even if it is not very harsh, ‘Saaho Full Movie Review‘ is nothing more than a typical South Indian movie. The same absurdity, stunts teasing Gravity and the character’s caricature

Saaho Full Movie Review

There is no chemistry between Prabhas and Shraddha. An attempt has been made to forcibly produce a cheap copy of Hrithik-Aishwarya of ‘Dhoom-2’. The work of Chunky Pandey, Jackie Shroff, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Murali Sharma is equally bad. Even amazing actors like Prakash Bellavadi have been wasted.It is said that the film has invested 350 crores. This year, ‘Game Over’ was made in just 20 crores and was a thriller thrice more than  ‘. A film old director Sujit was assigned a big project. They have missed the opportunity.

This money, talent and star power is everybody’s vestage. It has been seen earlier that a project that is doing well in a small budget is not sustainable than a director.

Remember what happened when Anubhav Sinha, who made a sweet film Saaho Full Movie Download  like ‘Tum Bin’, brought ‘Raw One’ with Shah Rukh. Computer graphics are good at some places. But even if they were not in such a big budget film, then it was a shame.

If you want to see Prabhas after a long gap of two years, then go, otherwise there is no reason.

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