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Sacred Games 2

Film: Sacred Games 2

Artists: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, Pankaj Tripathi, Ranveer Shorey, Amrita Subhash

Director: Anurag Kashyap / Neeraj Ghewan

‘When everything seems meaningless in the world, the search for new meanings continues’

Sacred Games 2 the greatest spiritual gurus of the world, including filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, have been recommending this kind of sattvic path to the nihilists and people in search of the truth. But if the inner journey of an individual and away from the meaningless and the search for meaning is to think of the ‘meaning’ that is constantly struggling in the face of inhumanity, what will be your reaction?

There are so many people who will say that the world ends tomorrow, today it will happen to me …

There are so many people who want to see a new world, a place where there is peace, progress, there is a way to live, where there is no misery, no defeat… India is also the most ‘depressing’ country in the world. Is included in

But are these people ready to sacrifice the present world for this virtual and elusive world?

Sacred Games 2

Sacred Games Season 2 is an almost eight-hour trip that will not only force you to peep inside your mind but will also appear to warn you that the path of return would have been impossible if religious blindness and common sense had been ignited even in this era. Will go away

Second season story

Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is seeking revenge from Inspector Parulkar and Isa. A Raw agent KD Yadav arrives to meet him, with the help of which Gaitonde starts running his own politics in Kenya. KD Yadav, with the help of Gaitonde, somehow wants to capture Pakistan’s dangerous terrorist Shahid Khan. He has been involved in many terrorist attacks in India. Gaitonde suffocates while working for KD Yadav and after meeting Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi), the direction of Gaitonde’s life changes.

Gaitonde feels such a cosmic connection with Guruji that he does not feel with any human being in the world. The same politics started from Sacred Games 1 has now transcended the country to become international. Several episodes such as America’s economic recession, Middle East civil war, Osama bin Laden and 9/11 have been included this time.

Sacred Games 2 Gaitonde leaves Kenya and goes to Guruji’s asylum and forms part of one of his devastating projects in Croatia. In this fierce war of Project Satyug, where under the guidance of Guruji, some people are dominating the mind of ego Brahmasmi, on the other side there exists this world full of all the mistakes, desperate and despair.

On the other hand, Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) learns that there is going to be a nuclear attack in Mumbai, ranging from influential leaders to police and IS. He tries to stop this attack with the help of his team. But can he save this world? The bigger question than that is, in this world worth saving?

Sacred Games 2

All the characters are strong

Guruji’s character is undeniably the most memorable character in Pankaj Tripathi’s life. At the same time, this character is so dark and sutile that Pankaj is seen battling in this character at some places. A great spiritual teacher who is not born on earth but has descended. Who has no hope about this world? He creates a secret spiritual cult group that wants to take this world from Kali Yuga to Satyuga.

Sacred Games 2 Far from power, arrogance, materialism, away from a world where religion, war, music, even love have been traded. He believes that this world of capitalism, arrogance and global warming is destroying itself unknowingly and Guruji is trying to become the catalyst for the annihilation of the world with the help of his group. After his twenty years of hard work, he has also prepared a calendar that will teach people how to live in the golden age. This larger sample of mind control and spiritual terrorism has rarely been seen in any film before.

There are many scenes in the second season that can disturb you. For example, Nawazuddin’s acting during ‘Pankajasan’ between Guruji and Gaitonde surprises you as well as frightens you. In this season, a drug named Gauchi has also given the opportunity to cinematography to fill the screen fiercely. From Sartaj to Gaitonde, he is seen struggling with his devils of the past on taking this drug, reminding us of the psychedelic culture of America in the 60s. This supernatural culture of this drug is spread in many civilizations, which can be talked about again.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been typecast in the past few times and sometimes it happens that his acting is not surprising. But after watching Sacred Games 2, Nawaz’s critics will also be surprised to see his acting range. How Gaitonde, who is sitting in the yearning of revenge, finds questions related to his existence and maintains his dominance in his constantly changing character. How unsafe Gaitonde is even after becoming God, is known only by going to Guruji’s shelter. As a gangster, he finds a new life after his Igo Death, which finally realizes that even though he does not mean anything to the world, but how much he wants Bombay. After watching this series one will really realize that Nawazuddin Siddiqui can do anything for Anurag Kashyap.

At the same time, Saif Ali Khan is in fragile emotional conditions in Sartaj’s role. A man whose life is slowly ending and who is unknowing, with Sadhvi Betya, scolds his inner wounds. Sartaj is trying his best to follow his father’s ideals in this series. In the climax of the series, Nawazuddin and Saif Ali Khan do some charisma like Edward Norton and Brad Pitt of Fight Club. The climax of this series is about to create a hue and cry, which creates almost the same curiosity as Christopher Nolan’s film Inception’s climax.

KD Yadav (Amrita Subhash) is the most powerful woman of this season. Subhash has been a trusted Marathi actress and has also surprised people with her acting as Nawaz’s sister in Raman Raghav 2.0, especially the helplessness with which she weeps. KD Yadav’s role is so powerful that Gaitonde is not afraid of him but respects him.

The life of Kalki, born to a Palestinian mother, is full of conflict. She has gone through such tragedies in her time that she is convinced that there is nothing worth saving in this world. She revolves around her peace of mind and finally, her journey ends on Guruji. An ultra-feminist woman whose plans are innocent in her eyes, but dangerous for the world. She represents a group who consider themselves enlightened and see themselves as the new heirs of a new world.

As a love interest of Gaitonde, Jojo is also a depression-stricken woman who arrives in Mumbai with dreams of becoming an actress but gives up hope of living after encountering the dark reality of Mayanagari. The dialogues between Nawaz and Jojo resemble a tragic love story. However, an expose of Jojo breaks Nawaz’s heart.

Sacred Games 2

Bunty does not have a special role in this season. However, his dialogues, spoken in his familiar style, can once again dominate social media. But as Gaitonde says that this game is much bigger than all these things. In this season, Guruji’s disciple Trivedi and Home Minister Bhonsle are the pawns of the corrupt system of this country who can turn the game into a king when the time comes. These are the evil faces of the modern era in which not even a little humanity has survived. You want to hate them and they are successful in getting them done with their brilliant performances.

Inspector Parulkar’s character comes to the climax and creates a lot of sympathy for himself. These three are well-known actors and after this season, Bhosle and Parulkar can emerge as the new trusted characters of Bollywood.

Sacred Games 2 This character also leaves a positive impression due to the ups and downs of Majid’s life compared to Season 1. When Majid, who is seen behind Parulkar in the first season, gives the real reason for doing this, then you realize that despite being in a better position in India, people have to sacrifice themselves due to their identity.

Ranveer Shorey and Luke Kenny in the roles of Shahid Khan and Malcolm are dreadful. To fulfill their intentions, they fit perfectly as brainwashed humans. When Shahid Khan’s connection with Sartaj Singh comes forward to fulfill the dream of Gajwa-e-Hind, then it is evident how a person can cross all limits in the fire of hate.

At a time when conflicts like Palestine-Israel, India-Pakistan, North, and North Korea can become the trigger of hatred for the whole world, at a time when religious propaganda on the Internet, global warming, religious hysteria spread all over the world There seems to be a different kind of dictatorship, in a Kali Yuga where egoism, markets, the business of het is dominating, in that era, the end of this world for anyone is the president. By writing this, it can be made more helpless, helpless and humanless.

The question is, do we want such a situation? Do we want to push ourselves to slow death with the help of our acts? Do we want to lose ourselves by living in the darkness of Tamas, because if we really want to lose, then we should be ready? Because we are no longer on the earth, time will exist like a radioactive that decreases and increases… for eternity.

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