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The lion king

Film: The Lion King

Director: Jon Favreau

If you are a child of the 90s, then you must have said a thousand times in your life that man cartoons used to be in our time or the children of today know how good movies we have seen. There are many other things that people born in the 90s remember. One of the best memories and memories of the sons is ‘The Lion King‘.

Disney not only gave us stories of princes and princesses like Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Aladdin, but he also introduced us to Simba, which has been a very important part of our childhood. Disney’s animated musical film The Lion King, which came out in 1994, was loved by audiences so much that it became one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time at the box office. After this, it was also re-released, catering to the audience’s desire and turning it into a franchise, its sequel, and TV shows were also introduced. When we talk about Simba, we do not see him as a film character, but our childhood market comes in it. Simba’s story has been very close to all of us and always will be.

The lion king

So when it came to making the film The Lion King Full Movie 2019 In Hindi as a live-action, many big questions arose in the minds of the fans. It was very important for this film to be perfect because here it is not just about one film but the childhood of people all over the world. But Ficker Not! Because director John Favreau is not in a mood to disappoint you.

So the live-action version of The Lion King begins with the song Circle of Life, which is exactly like the original animated version. Here we are talking about the Hindi version of The Lion King, so many things in the film were completely different. You know the story of the film, King of the forest Mufasa protects everyone and maintains peace and happiness. His brother Scar burns with them and wants to get the throne. Mufasa’s son Simba is the rightful owner of the throne and he will grow up to be the king. The relationship between Mufasa and Simba is very deep and these two father and son love each other very much. The death of Mufasa takes away everything from Simba in an accident, now how he will progress in life is the thing to be seen.

The film The Lion King was being discussed for a long time and fans were eagerly waiting to hear the voice of Shahrukh Khan as Mufasa and his son Aryan Khan as Simba. You will be happy to know that both of these are unmatched in the film. Hearing the voice of Shahrukh Khan in the role of Mufasa in the teaser, many people suspected that his voice may not fit for this role, but it is not so. Shahrukh Khan’s voice has been given depth according to this role which suits Mufasa. Apart from this, while Aryan Khan’s voice in the teaser sounded like Sem to Sem Shahrukh, the film is quite different from him. Not only this, but you will also like Aryan’s work because he has given a good voice over.

Apart from Shah Rukh and Aryan, Asrani for the role of Jaju in the film The Lion King Full Movie In Telugu, Shreyas Talpade for the role of Teemon, Sanjay Mishra for the character of Pumba and Ashish Vidyarthi for the character of Scar have all given their voice and the work is unmatched. Especially, Ashish gets praised for the student because the way he has given life to Scar’s character is amazing.

The lion king

How is the film’s direction

Talking of direction, John Favreau has made this film beautifully. This film The Lion King is like an animated version to watch just adds its beauty to its real-world and gives you different kinds of happiness. The visuals of the film are amazing and editing is quite crisp. The entire forest, home of Teemon and Pumba, Kali Ghati is all the same and takes you back to the times of your childhood when you used to watch Simba on TV.

Although there are some shortcomings in the film The Lion King Full Movie In Tamil Hd. The first half of the film may make you feel a little slow. Apart from this, if you talk about Hindi songs, you will not enjoy listening to them at all. Singers Armaan Malik and Sunidhi Chauhan have done a good job, but there is no such thing in the songs of this film. Its Hindi soundtrack is quite disappointing. Apart from Hakuna Matata, you do not even remember the lyrics of other songs.

Overall this is a great film. Shahrukh Khan and Aryan Khan will definitely make your heart happy after seeing this film. It has always been the perfect film to enjoy children. So if you have a mind this weekend, then give a chance to The Lion King.

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